Jasmine R. from Houston High School’s thoughts on our Advanced STEM Winter Program, Jackson, Mississippi

The Advanced STEM Winter Program was an eye-opening experience. I was able to meet people outside of my school, learn about history that is important to my own life and future, and, most importantly, gain more knowledge and experience pertaining to my study of physics. This program also made me more susceptible to outside help, and, with that help, I was challenged to push through problems that do not have the answer in plain sight. I highly recommend students involved in AP® Physics to attend these programs; they are not just inside the classroom and on paper. They are interactive and hands-on as well. The program in its entirety is filled with teachers, tutors, and directors that want to see and help their students succeed in reaching their full potential.

Jasmine R. (Pictured on Left)
Houston High School, Class of 2020