Physics Week 33: Review 4

April 20, 2023

Physics Week 33 Lesson Plan Overview & Notes This week, we have yet another practice test that was produced by the College Board. As mentioned in my notes below, treat it just like a real exam. This should help you get more comfortable with the format and type of questions …

CSP Week 32: Review 2

April 14, 2023

CSP Week 33 Lesson Plan Overview & Notes Make sure that you either have finished up your Create PT. The deadline to submit this is April 30th at 11:59 and it is vitally important for your success in the course. Just by turning the whole assignment in you have basically …

Physics Week 32: Review 3

April 13, 2023

Overview & Notes Not a lot of new stuff this week, I have included the same practice exam as last week since most of you didn’t finish. Make sure that you are working through the problems on your own and then discussing them with your teaching assistant or teacher. Both …

CSP Week 31: Review 1

April 10, 2023

Make sure that you either have finished up your Create PT or are close to finishing it. The deadline to submit these is rapidly approaching and they are vitally important for your success in the course. Just by turning the whole assignment in you have basically guaranteed yourself 2 out …

Physics Week 31: Review 2

April 6, 2023

Practice exam time! I have included your first full-length practice exam. You won’t have time to take the whole test in one class since the full test is about three hours long; however, you can break the test into fourths and work on a different fourth every day. Half of …

CSP Week 30: Project Innovation

March 31, 2023

This week you are going to finish up the content on The final lessons primarily focus on finishing the project that you started earlier in the unit regarding how you think the future of schools will look. You will also need to complete the Unit 10 assessment by the …

Physics Week 30: Review 1

March 29, 2023

Overview & Notes That’s it! We are done learning new things. You have officially covered everything in the AP Physics 1 curriculum. Now it’s time to get down to business and start reviewing. Our focus will shift from learning physics to teaching you how to show that you know physics …

CSP Week 29: Cybersecurity

March 24, 2023

Standards IOC-1 IOC-2   Topics 5.1 Beneficial and Harmful Effects 5.6 Safe Computing Overview & Notes This week will mark the final week of content. There will be a couple of assignments next week, but none will introduce new terms or concepts. Instead, we will begin our review by …

Physics Week 29: Rotation 2

March 24, 2023

Learning Objectives 4.D.1 4.D.2 4.D.3 5.E.1 5.E.2   Topics 4.D Torque and Angular Momentum 5.E Conservation of Angular Momentum Overview & Notes Although these topics present more complex scenarios, the tools of analysis remain the same: The content and models explored in the first six units of AP Physics 1 …

CSP Week 28: Impacts of Computing

March 16, 2023

Standards CRD-1 CRD-2 IOC-1 IOC-2 Topics Beneficial and Harmful Effects Safe Computing Overview & Notes We are almost done! This week we will start the last unit of the CSP curriculum. This unit focuses on cybersecurity and the beneficial and harmful effects of computing on society. Lessons below with a …

Physics Week 28: SHM + Torque

March 16, 2023

Learning Objectives 3.B 3.A.1.a-h 3.F.1.a-c 3.F.2.a-c 5.B   Topics 6.1 Period of Simple Harmonic Oscillators 6.2 Energy of a Simple Harmonic Oscillator 7.1 Rotational Kinematics 7.2 Torque and Angular Acceleration Overview & Notes This week, we have a lot to go over. The material for the week can be broken …

CSP Week 27: Data Topics

March 2, 2023

Standards DAT-2 IOC-1 Topics 5.3 Computing Bias 5.4 Crowdsourcing Overview & Notes This week, we will be continuing our look at data. However, our analysis will no longer be in the mechanics of data analysis and, instead, will be on topics associated with data. Some of these topics include crowdsourcing …

Physics Week 27: Momentum

March 1, 2023

Learning Objectives 3.D 4.B 5.A 5.D   Topics Momentum and Impulse Representations of Changes in Momentum Open and Closed Systems: Momentum Conservation of Linear Momentum Overview & Notes This week we will be looking at the second of our three conservation laws, the conservation of momentum. Momentum is a vector …

CSP Week 26: Data Basics

February 23, 2023

Standards DAT-2   Topics 2.3 Extracting Information from Data 2.4 Using Programs with Data This week, we will return to covering content and that content, for the next two weeks, will be about Data and how we can use computers to help us process and visualize data. The seemingly out-of-place …

Physics Week 26: UCM + Gravitation

February 23, 2023

Learning Objectives 2.A, 2.B 3.A, 3.B, 3.C, 3.G 4.A Topics 3.6 Centripetal Acceleration and Force 3.7 Free Body Diagrams for Objects in UCM 3.3 Gravitational Forces 3.4 Gravitational Field/Acceleration Due to Gravity 3.5 Inertial vs. Gravitational Mass 3.8 Applications of UCM + Gravitation Overview & Notes This week we have …

CSP Week 25: Create PT 2

February 15, 2023

Now that we have shown you what is expected during the Create Performance Task, you will have the next 12 hours to work individually or in groups to design, create, record, and write about your program for your submission. CSP Week 25 Lesson Plan

Physics Week 25: Conservation of Energy

February 15, 2023

Learning Objectives 3.E 4.C 5.A 5.B   Topics 4.3 Conservation of Energy, the Work-Energy Principle, and Power In this unit, you will be introduced to the idea of conservation as a foundational model of physics, along with the concept of work as the agent of change for energy. As in …

CSP Week 24: Create PT 1

February 10, 2023

For the next several classes, we will be working on your Create PT submission. During this time, you will be designing, developing, troubleshooting, and submitting a program that you have created that shows the College Board how much you have learned this year. CSP Week 24 Lesson Plan

Physics Week 24: Midterm + Work

February 10, 2023

Learning Objectives 3.E 4.C 5.E   Topics 4.1 Open / Closed Systems 4.2 Work / Mechanical Energy Overview & Notes This week we are going to start a new topic. One that Isaac Newton actually didn’t come up with. However, first, we need to do a short review to help …